Photos: Lisa Silva Photography

Photos: Lisa Silva Photography

Well, Hello You...

Do you have a wedding or special event that needs some love-lettering? I'd sure love to grab coffee (in person if you are local) and hear all about it. I can talk watercolor and true love and creative plans all day long.

I'm Michele.  I have a slight obsession with all things paper and pretty.  I *might* have more notebooks than one person could hope to use in 3 lifetimes.  But the blank page holds such possibility and I'm captivated by possibilities.  The what could be, just a blank canvas and a dream away.  I love getting lost along the seascapes on our storied coastlines near my north Florida home, or in the flow of watercolor on paper and how it creates such subtle color blends that are absolutely unique every single time.

One of my greatest joys is meeting you and helping you dream up your stationery details that set the stage for turning the moments that matter into cherished memories and treasured heirlooms.

W.Whimsy Paper Co has just launched our stationery line online and is available for in-person pop-ups in the N. FL area.  Make sure you check out our latest artisan greeting cards and fine art prints ready for purchase online.

Do you have a boutique, gift shop or stationery store that might like to find out more about stocking Watercolor + Whimsy greeting cards and prints?  Please check out our Wholesale Page or email me at