Coming Summer of 2018 to Jacksonville, FL!


In our 2 1/2 hours together, we will cover all the basics you need to get started in watercolor brush calligraphy and loose watercolor florals.  I've spent 20 years training thought leaders around the world and it is my joy to translate that experience into teaching you not just the skills you need for a great watercolor foundation, but also original techniques that will give you tools to keep growing.

Included in our time is 2 1/2 hours of creativity packed instruction, light refreshments, all your supplies and an original 20+ page student guide and workbook.  You'll learn:

  • BASICS OF WORKING WITH WATERCOLOR: Including color blending, washes, gradients and more.
  • LETTERS:  Understanding the anatomy of a letter form, faux calligraphy, basic brushstrokes, letter styles, flourishes, and practice exercises
  • PETALS:  Basic organic shapes, deconstructing bouquets into floral elements, creating wreathes & arrangements
  • PROJECT:  Taking what we learn, you will letter a phrase and embellish it with flowers
  • PARTICIPANT BOOK:  You will get a 20+ page student guide complete with reference pictures, all the content we cover and additional exercises you can do at home.

I am actively seeking venues & businesses to host L+P in the north Florida area who would like to host a workshop and introduce their space to the creative community.  If you are interested in finding out more, please email me at michele@designedtothrivecreative.com.

Get on the list to know first thing once we confirm new dates.  Workshops are kept small so they will fill up quickly.